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Red Dog Blue Kat - Lamb Femurs

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Product Description

Red Dog Blue Kat Lamb Femurs are a great raw bone option for healthy pets to chew on for dental health and enrichment.
  • Ethically Sourced, human-grade, and grass-fed lamb
  • Best suited for small dogs and cats <25 lb
  • Best suited for gentle chewers
  • Do not cook
  • Always supervise your pet when feeding any bone
Size: 4 bones

Additional Features

Choose Red Dog Blue Kat Lamb Femurs as an excellent recreational raw bone option for dogs and cats.

Lamb Femurs contain a knuckle that may be partially consumed and include variable amounts of meat, connective tissue, and generous amounts of marrow (fat).

Recreational raw bones provide minimal nutritional value to your pet's diet. However, the advantages of offering your pet these marrow bones as a natural chew are numerous:

  • Dental Health: Effectively cleans teeth and massages gums
  • Jaw Muscle Exercise: Helps exercise and strengthen the jaw muscles.
  • Mental Stimulation: Provides an engaging endorphin-releasing activity for mental stimulation.

Ingredients, Nutritional Info & Guidelines

The ingredients, nutritional info and guidelines can be found at Red Dog Blue Kat's website.

Product Company Mission

We are here for every pet parent that wants to do better, who question the outdated idea that highly processed food is healthy for our pets, who is searching for answers, who wants to see their pet live their best life and age gracefully.

Like you, we are a group of pet parents that got frustrated at the lack of transparency in the pet industry. We felt that pet food companies focus too much on fancy packaging and marketing and not enough on what was inside the bag. We grew concerned that the Canadian pet industry had no standards or regulations for food safety or quality of pet products.

We can’t promise that we have all the answers, but we can promise that we are making the best quality food based on expertise, knowledge and science we have today. And we are focused on building a community of experts and pet parents that are serious about creating a healthier and more sustainable food system for our pets.


The Family At Red Dog Blue Kat

Handling/Care Instructions

Before you feed a consumable bone, please review the Safe Feeding and Handling Guidelines on this page and the label.

While offering consumable bones to your pet comes with numerous health benefits, it's crucial to be aware of potential risks. Understanding and implementing best practices for managing these risks will help you choose the safest bone options for your pet.

How to Choose the Safest Raw Bones for Your Pet:

  • Know your pet’s history and chew style before offering bones. Take the RDBK bone quiz for a list of recommended bone options based on your pet’s size and chew style.
  • Always choose a bone larger than your pet’s mouth capacity.
  • Do not give Kangaroo Tails to aggressive chewers or gulpers.
  • If you are uncertain if bones are right for your pet, please reach out to our education team, a holistic nutritionist or a raw-supportive veterinarian.

Know the Potential Risks of Feeding Raw Bones to Your Pet:

  • Bone chewing may pose a risk to any pet, particularly for those with dental issues and/or gastrointestinal concerns/disease or those on low-fat diets.
  • Bone chewing may cause tooth fractures and/or GI upsets.
  • Note for gulpers: swallowing whole increases risks.
  • Feeding frozen bones increases the risk of choking, GI upset and tooth fractures. (All bones except Whole Sardines and Salmon Heads)
  • Not intended for human consumption.

Guidelines for Safely Feeding Raw Bones to Your Pet:

  • Always supervise your pet and remove the bone immediately if concerns arise.
  • DO NOT serve on an empty stomach when your pet is hungry. This may increase the risk of gulping.
  • Proper chewing involves alternating sides using the entire mouth, including back molars. If safe to do so, hold one end of the bone offered to your pet to help them learn how to chew properly.
  • Keep frozen until ready to serve.
  • Thaw bones completely in the fridge before serving (usually 6-12 hours in the fridge). This applies to all bones except Whole Sardines and Salmon heads - these can be fed partially frozen to more experienced chewers as a fun summer treat.
  • Refrigerate uneaten bones for up to 3 days. Discard bones after 1 hour if not in the fridge.
  • Wash hands and all surfaces with warm, soapy water after handling.
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