Rewards Program FAQs

How do I redeem my available Rewards?  

If you are shopping in-store we will let you know what is available to spend. If you are shopping online, there is a rewards icon on the bottom left of your screen that houses all information available about your account. 


1) Click the "Doodle Rewards" widget as shown,

2) Click "Get Rewards" (Don't forget to see how your VIP status is doing!),
3) Click the "Redeem" for the reward you wish to redeem your points for,
4) Click "Copy" to collect the code associated,
5) Click "Paste" on your browser to place the code into the Rewards bow shown below. This field will accept multiple codes so feel free to double up as needed to take advantage of your Doodle Perks Codes and points. If any issues - please email us.

Can I use / collect my points online?

YES - this is one of the main reasons we have changed to a new program. previously, online shopping had no rewards, which we didn't like. We wanted to ensure that everyone was taking full advantage in-store and online - so here we are. All sales now collect points and in both platforms you can spend the rewards.


Congrats on attaining this level - we thank you! Now you get free shipping for anything. When you need to use this code for under minimum orders, simply enter "FREESHIPPING" in the cart discount field. In the NOTES field please enter WEEKDAY or SATURDAY for which type of shipping you want, as that info gets erased from the order using this code. Do not redeem points for free shipping, just enter the code as is.

Attaining (and holding) the VIP Tiers / Why does my tier change?

VIP tiers are attained when the volume spend is met (ie: $1000, $2000 etc). To remain in this tier you must spend that volume in a rolling 12 month period to remain qualified or you will drop out of the tier and down a level (or up when spend increases). The 12 month period is evaluated EVERY SIX (6) MONTHS as the system will calculate the total spend 12 months backwards (not calendar year) on those checks to confirm qualification. As a result, a gap in spend months earlier can result in a tier drop whereas a jump can quickly push it up.

My Astro App / Frequent Buyer says I am at my FREE ITEM !! How do I redeem it online?

If the free item is part of an online order the free Astro Item will be refunded as cash back if its the only item on the sale, or sent as a gift card if there are other items over $50 in value (to allow the sale to qualify for VIP status spend). The least expensive item of 12 will be reimbursed back. In store will be discounted at till.

Multiple Emails = trouble!

Your Doodle Dogs account is defined by a specific email. This email is also your Doodle Rewards account - they are linked. To maximize your points and to hit the VIP Tiers you need to use ONE CONSISTENT EMAIL both in-store and online. Shopping with different emails will create different accounts and they cannot be merged.

Obtaining the highest cash back value

Each Doodle Reward has a set points redemption starting at 1500 points for $5 cash. However, if you save those points for the higher tiers, the cash back value per point is saving the points will give you "better bang or your buck". Work towards that $50 cash reward to maximize and unlock the absolute best discount value.

Cannot login to your account?

Contact us via email ( and we will quickly send you a Account Login Email to assist with the account login - make sure its the right email that you always use with us.

Doodle Points Expiry

Yes, those luscious points will expire. Once you start collecting Doodle Points, they will expire six (6) months after they are awarded. So make sure you pop back often to use them before they vanish. You will receive an email warning of the expiry seven (7) days before they expire. 

My Points are expiring, can I transfer them?

Unfortunately, points are non-transferrable.


Please email (preferred over Instagram DM or calling our stores), so we can answer your quickly and efficiently.