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Rewards Program FAQs

April 1, 2022 Tier Requirement Changes

Effective April 1, 2022 you will see a change in requirements to achieve tier statuses within our Loyalty Program.  This decision was made as a result of the broad price increases to food and supply.  Manufacturers increased shipping costs due to gas prices and food due to the increased cost to meat and ingredients.  In order for Doodle Dogs Inc. to continue to operate as a business, we had to make the difficult business to increase these tier requirements for cash back rewards to ensure our bottom line remains profitable.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your rewards membership please do not hesitate to reach out to  The Loyalty Program remains one that is still free for you and does not include the Frequent Buyer Program which is Manufacturered-offered.

Existing loyalty on account pre Jan 1, 2021

All loyalty on account before the transition was converted to the equivalent points value and assigned to your account to use towards the Doodle Rewards, cashable in-store or online.

How do I redeem my available Rewards?  

If you are shopping in-store we will let you know what is available to spend. If you are shopping online, there is a rewards icon on the bottom left of your screen that houses all information available about your account. 

To spend an available reward, click "copy" and then "paste" that code in the "DISCOUNT CODE" box in the shopping cart pop-up. Hit apply and the value will be deducted at checkout. See picture below showing where to enter the pasted code.

Can I use / collect my points online?

YES - this is one of the main reasons we have changed to a new program. previously, online shopping had no rewards, which we didn't like. We wanted to ensure that everyone was taking full advantage in-store and online - so here we are. All sales now collect points and in both platforms you can spend the rewards.

Multiple Emails = trouble!

Your Doodle Dogs account is defined by a specific email. This email is also your Doodle Rewards account - they are linked. To maximize your points and to hit the VIP Tiers you need to use ONE CONSISTENT EMAIL both in-store and online. Shopping with different emails will create different accounts and they cannot be merged.

Attaining (and holding) the VIP Tiers

VIP tiers are attained when the volume spend is met (ie: $1000, $2000 etc). To remain in this tier you must spend that volume in a rolling 12 month period to remain qualified or you will drop out of the tier and down a level. The 12 month period is evaluated monthly to confirm qualification.

Obtaining the highest cash back value

Each Doodle Reward has a set points redemption starting at 1500 points for $5 cash. However, if you save those points for the higher tiers, the cash back value per point is saving the points will give you "better bang or your buck". Work towards that $50 cash reward to maximize and unlock the absolute best discount value.

Cannot login to your account?

Contact us via email ( and we will quickly send you a Account Login Email to assist with the account login - make sure its the right email that you always use with us.

Doodle Points Expiry

Yes, those luscious points will expire. Once you start collecting Doodle Points, they will expire six (6) months after they are awarded. So make sure you pop back often to use them before they vanish. You will receive an email warning of the expiry seven (7) days before they expire. 

I was a current Platinum Member, what happens to my current membership under the new plan?

CONGRATS - you are now upgraded even further for another 8 months. Until August 31, 2021 you will be assigned under the Diamond Membership, and after which you will need to qualify ongoing for the VIP Tiers based on spend. As the flat discount is now removed from the program, we are assigning all Platinum Guests a $10 credit reward (2800 points) towards their first sale - and then, onwards the Diamond multiplier will kick in to award the future rewards.


Please email (preferred over Instagram DM or calling our stores), so we can answer your quickly and efficiently.