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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page!

You've asked, we're here to answer!  If this page doesn't answer your question please feel free to send an email to and we will get back to you within a few hours. Let's get started!

Do you carry _______?

We carry 99.9% of the items you will find in our stores! Simply use the search function to help navigate our website.

When will ____ be back in stock?

Keep an eye to our website and social media channels (@doodledogsyyc) for all restocks! 

I would love to learn more about feeding a raw food diet, can you help?

Here is some great information about being new to raw feeding!  If you have additional questions some of our brands we love such as Big Country Raw have GREAT websites with lots of information!

When will my shipment arrive?

Check our our shipping page for more information on your delivery days.  Please note if you're Calgary or surrounding area your order may be delivered via Canada Post! You may receive a notification saying your order is on the way, and that email will have a tracking number!

Can you ship frozen to me, I'm outside of Calgary and surrounding areas.

We do not, unless you want warm soup.  If you order frozen and didn't check here or our shipping prior to doing so, you may be faced with a restocking fee.

What time are your stores open until?

Google will always have the most up-to-date information regarding our telephone number, hours of operation and addresses.

I need help with a new kibble for my puppy, what do you recommend?

Pop into any of our stores and we would be happy to chat about food options for your pet!

I need help with a new kibble for my puppy, I live in Manitoba, can you help?

We currently do not ship kibble outside of Calgary and surrounding areas.  We recommend you check with your local pet specialty expert.

Do you sell Royal Canin?

We do not.  We are unable to sell prescribed vet food only available for sale at vet's clinics and we will never sell regular formula Royal Canin in any of our stores due to low quality standards.

You speak about a raw diet often, but why should I feed that over my kibble diet?

Great question, here's a blog we wrote on the benefits of feeding raw!

How do I sign up or join your loyalty program?

You can learn about our new improved loyalty program here.

My dog is a power chewer, what do you recommend that's indestructible?

A block of metal.  That's the only thing that will stand up and not tear against a carnivore's flesh-tearing designed teeth.  You won't find a toy that your dog won't break.  We will always say this.  With that being said, try a West Paw, BECO or Planet Dog brand toy since they are guaranteed for a 1-time replacement!  They are built strong and the manufacturer stands behind their products. For stuffies try a TUFFY brand or TENDERTUFF toy. Your dog will probably rip it but it'll last longer. Remember these are TOYS, not CHEW TOYS.  Chew toys should be Gorilla Chews, Benebones, or consumables like bully sticks!

I need to chat with Meghan or Corey, what days will I see them in the stores?

Who knows.  We fly by the arse of the seat of our pants and some days we're in all three stores and some days we aren't in the stores at all.  We try to make ourselves available when and where we can but we can't be all places at once.  If you need to contact us or schedule time with us please reach out to

Why do you carry such limited choices of kibble?

Aside from wanting to promote fresh or raw options over shelf-stable, we try to limit the amounts of kibble we sell.  Unlike some chains that sell their own HOUSE BRAND of kibble, we are not tethered to any particular brand.  We bring in what we like, what serves a purpose, and what can suit someone's needs over another brand without question.  We don't sell 300 skus of kibble because we also believe in freshness and rotation!

Do you sell puppies?

Jesus christ no. Don't buy a puppy from a pet store or Kijiji please.   Puppies are a 8-16 year commitment and should not be made as an impulse buy.  Please try rescuing a dog or getting a dog from a reputable breeder who concerns themselves with health testing, minimal litters and housing the animals with care.  Puppies are not sweaters from the GAP, please think long and hard before bringing a sweet animal into your life and the future costs associated with grooming, vet visits and quality nutrition.  Remember: good breeders would NEVER sell puppies to a pet store with zero concern with whom that puppy ends up.  Quality kibble manufacturers won't even allow these types of stores to sell their products because it doesn't align with their values.

How will I know if my order has been delivered?

Our local delivery driver will text you a photo of your delivered parcel!  If it's Canada Post you can follow along with your tracking number.  So PLEASE use a cell phone number when placing orders with us, we can't text landlines :(

Who is responsible if my delivery gets stolen?

Once we alert you that your package has been delivered to the correct house, the delivery becomes your responsibility to bring to safe keeping. Not home? Call a neighbour. Our policy is to deliver regardless of whether purchaser is at home so please ensure you read our shipping policies before purchasing.

Can I bring back kibble once it's been opened?

We work with some amazing companies who really back their products and help us help you when we get stuck with food.

We will take back food if a dog is becoming sick from it or has developed an allergy to the food.  You will be given store credit for the food under the following conditions:

- Bag cannot be mostly empty/eaten

- Food has to be in its original packaging

If your dog simply isn't eating their kibble please read this blog on picky, fussy, bored eaters because we do not wish to take back kibble that will result in just having to take back the NEW kibble later.  That make sense?

Are dogs allowed in the store?

Yes of course.  They must be on moderately good behaviour, on leash, retractible leashes SHORT, and if any accidents occur we will provide clean up materials.  Children same rules apply.

Why do you charge for shipping and why is there a minimum to ship/delivery?

We subsidize all of our shipping costs!  That even includes the 25$ we charge to deliver outside of Calgary to such locations as Cochrane and Okotoks.  We have priced out the costs and we try to keep them low for you so we take on some of the costs as well!  This is very standard practice amongst all small businesses who have standardize margins.

Our minimum is necessary because if we didn't have one it means someone could buy a bully stick for $5, pay $10 for the shipping and then we would be paying $13-$20 for the shipping/delivery and we would be completely at a loss for that transaction.  Keeping the minimums low at $25 makes it easy to grab small bags of food and ensure we don't lose money on the transaction.  We make it free at $50 which is also incredibly low and affordable for folks to have delivery in Calgary.  You can always choose PICK UP as well which is completely free and also you to lock in a price or product and held for as long as you require.

Why don't you provide refunds?

Honestly we never have.  Most small businesses don't as it's a complete disruption to product availability and cash flow.  It also costs money to refund cards and it's also an administrative hassle.  We make sure to put this information on this website, in our accept terms and conditions box, at our tills at each store and even displayed at the bottom of your physical and digital copies.  It's even taped to our payment terminal machine so you know well ahead of time before completing a transaction.  We encourage folks who require the option of refunds on every purchase to check out websites of the businesses they frequent in advance so they know what options are available to them.

Why don't you have a Facebook Business page?

We did for a long time but in an effort to consolidate communication and marketing platforms, we found the most success with Instagram and encourage folks to follow us there.  Need to contact us and we're not on Facebook Messenger anymore? Email us!  Want to see our events and promotions? Subscribe to our newsletter but starting an account on our web page and clicking subscribe to marketing!