ASTRO - The Frequent Buyer Tracking App for you! Rewards in your hand.

Frequent Buyer Tracking - earn your way to FREE PET FOOD

Keep an eye to your next FREE ITEM and check out CURRENT DEALS!

Astro is the BEST tracking app in the pet industry, and of course we're one of the few stores fully integrated in YYC.

  • Track your frequent buyer purchases and watch for the free item
  • Keep an eye to what products have frequent buyer (you might be surprised)
  • See what promos are currently active at Doodle Dogs. The current monthly list is on the app - and of course, on the webpage.
  • REMINDER: ALL online sales / orders will be tracked for you, so shopping online does count, and you WILL NOT miss out.

Are you shopping elsewhere and want to move over to the Doodle Dogs experience? Any active cards elsewhere ARE YOURS. Bring us a receipt, a paper card, or a screen shot of other programs and we can add them to our system so you can continue with us - without missing a single beat!

Watch below for a brief demo of what the app looks like and how to use.

TO GET ACCESS TO ASTRO, click the "Connect Astro Loyalty Account" at the bottom of the page or just email us at with your account name and we will send you an invite!

What is tracked:

All dry kibble - Buy 12 get 1 FREE

Big Country Raw and Bold/Megadog - Buy 12 get 1 FREE

Tom & Sawyer - Buy 12 get 1 FREE (exclusive to Doodle Dogs in YYC)

Open Farm supplements, Freeze dried & milks - Buy 12 get 1 FREE

Open Farm cooked food cases - Buy 12 get 1 FREE (exclusive to Doodle Dogs in YYC)

Carna4 - Buy 12 get 1 FREE

Happy Days Dairies - Buy 12 get 1 FREE

Smack - Buy 8 get 1 FREE

The Honest Kitchen - Buy 7 get one FREE

Ultra Oil - Buy 6 get 1 FREE

Zeal - Buy 11 get 1 FREE

Primal, Green Juju - Buy 12 get 1 FREE

K9 Natural - Freeze Dried Food, Treats, Supplements


Fine Print:
If the free item is part of an online order the free Astro Item will be refunded as cash back if its the only item on the sale, or sent as a gift card if there are other items (to allow the rest to qualify for VIP status spend). The least expensive item of 12 will be reimbursed back. In store will be discounted at till.
Items must be purchased over 24 months
Gift Cards given will expire in 12 months from issue