About Us


Thank you for visiting our online shop. The Doodle Dogs dream began in 2016, when a brother and sister duo had a plan to bring only the most CHIC | UNIQUE dog gear to Calgary. We discovered that the best way to build a beautifully unique pet store is to carry the beautiful handmade gear made right here in Calgary and across Canada (usually found at markets and on Etsy, etc). Here we are five years later with 20+ local brands - all handmade in Calgary and across Canada, most of which can only be bought direct from them on in our shops and our online boutique.


We do NOT carry 40 types of dry food, as we know that there are not 40 great brands. We carry specific brands that we know pass our test of greatness - so that we have full confidence you will get the best for your pup from us. Even better, we carry the best raw options on the market - as we truly believe feeding your pets fresh, unprocessed food is the WAY FORWARD, so we put a lot of emphasis on fresh option, OR helping each pet owner add fresh food to their bowl so that lifestyle and budget can be met while doing what’s possible to incorporate fresh.



Corey's professionalism and ability to run a business comes from his years in oil and gas.  A true pack leader, when Corey isn't helping out at Doodle Dogs, he can be found at local coffee shops, enjoying spin class, and of course cuddling his precious staffy Harley and his Boston terrier (and Doodle Dogs mascot), Maggie.

Favourite Breed: Bully Breeds



Meghan's best buddies are her shih tzu Weechee Warrick (named of course after the eldest of the three Warrick Ewoks) and her Persian kitty cat Mallzie. Meghan's passion for providing professional, uncanny loving customer service comes from her many years in the retail industry before spending a decade working in Oil and Gas.  When Meghan aka “Turbo” isn't branding the good Doodle Dogs name she can be found volunteering with Pride In Business as Content Writer and Coordinator.

Favourite Breed: Squishy-faced fluffies

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring the best quality pet products and nutrition to your family.  At Doodle Dogs we don't want you to have to worry about how your products were sourced, how they're manufactured or if they will be harmful for your pet.  We ask the tough questions and source with integrity so you just have to show up, shop and spoil your pet.

Our Food:

We have a strong belief in dogs and cats' biological make up and their need for species-appropriate diets.  Meat forward kibbles are what we focus on followed by air dried, freeze-dried, wet, fresh and raw.  We DO NOT choose to have 200 different brands of kibble in our store to allow the best options and freshest products available. 

We look for brands that have integrity in their sourcing, their lack of corn and rice and foods that allow for meat to be the primary focus.

At Doodle Dogs raw, cooked and fresh are what we believe are best.  We believe every pet owner should have the right to choose for their family, lifestyle, and budget what they would like their pet to eat.  After all, your pet doesn't have a say in the matter.  Your breeder, your vet, even us aren't the be all end all for your decision making so ask questions, do your research and choose a food offering that works for you.

We DO NOT stock anything made by MARS, Colgate or Nestlé as we personally do not believe their pet specialty branches focus on quality, sourcing or transparency. This does eliminate a number of large "brand names" that do not focus on quality products for your pets. We alternatively support, pet specialty brands making food exclusively for PETS!

We do not nor will we ever sell dogs or any other animals.

Customer Service is at the forefront of all that we do.  If we have made an error or need to ensure your overall satisfaction we will always go above and beyond to do so.  If you are out of line with us, our staff or asking for something outside of our written policies you will be asked to find another pet store to service your needs.