Doodle Dogs Referral program

You love us (we hope)? You are telling people to come shop? Then you need to get paid for this amazing word of mouth!! (also thank you).

Our new rewards program has a referral program built in.

For each NEW person who uses YOUR LINK, you GET POINTS. Login to your account on our webpage, click the rewards widget, then click the second tab of the widget and then click the referral option to get YOU SPECIAL LINK.

Now what? Promote it! Post on your instagram, email to friends, give it out. Each time a person uses your link to shop online (it will automatically give a code they MUST POST IN THE DISCOUNT BOX) - you get paid.

They get : $10, You get: 1500 Points.

So start earning asap. Min spend to use code is $50.00.


  • A sender is given a discount only if a receiver is new and the name and delivery address of both sender and receiver do not match.
  • You are not eligible for the $10 referee credit if you already have an account, or have already taken part. The program is set up for brand new clients and new accounts to Doodle Dogs. 
  • Minimum spend to activate code is $50.