Info for MOMMs Customers

Well hello there!

Welcome to Doodle Dogs, we want to thank you for your support of MOMMs and of Chris and Shelley.  I'm sure you're curious about what will happen to your cash back loyalty, gift cards, and frequent buyers with MOMMs!

Gift Cards We will accept any outstanding gift cards you have.  We will convert them to Doodle Dogs gift cards which are digital and can be used in-store AND online.

Cash Back Rewards These dollars will be used right away to make room for your transition to the Doodle Dogs Perks Program.  We will need your email to begin tracking your frequent buyer purchases and begin earning you points. If we do not see you before July 1, 2024 you will lose your now expired cash back $ from your old MOMMs loyalty program.

Frequent Buyer We will need your email to port your stamps from ZOOZ to ASTRO!  Astro is an incredible web-based and Shopify-integrated tracking program that you will be able to see and follow along with on your Doodle Dogs online account.  If we do not see you before July 1, 2023 then your stamps will be expired.

Food and Products You may see some of your favourite brands disappearing and changing with new products coming in over the next few months.  We are slowly integrating the brands we normally carry while having conversations with you about the existing brand you may be use to purchasing.