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Zeal - Gently Air-Dried - Grain Free - Dog Food

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Product Description

The nutrition of raw. The simplicity of dry.

We source only the finest natural meats and premium ingredients, then use the traditional method of natural air drying to preserve all the nutrients and flavours. This artisanal technique naturally evaporates the moisture while concentrating the nutrition, like jerky, producing a highly nutritious food. All without sacrificing the taste pets love. Clean, easy to use and store, Zeal provides all the benefits of raw without any of the hassles.

Switching to

If your pet is used to kibble, the richer concentration of proteins in Zeal may be a bit much for them to digest right away. Gradually introducing Zeal into their diet over at least five days is strongly recommended.

1. Mouth and Teeth
healthier teeth and gums
jerky-like consistency scrubs teeth, no need for the vet to do it
lessens bad breath

2. Immune System
better disease resistance
helps support longevity

3. Digestion
Helps detox system and promote digestion
helps reduce anal gland blockage
reduced flatulence

4. Urinary
fewer urinary tract infections
less crystal formation
lower chances of renal failure

5. Reproduction
helps increase fertility
helps reduce obstetrical problems
healthier litters

6. Bones + Joints
anti-inflammatory properties
protects bones
helps prevent and treat arthritis 

7. Skin + Coat
supports chances of skin disease and allergies
promotes softer, shiner coat, less dandruff
reduced doggy odour

8. Parasites
reduces gastrointestinal worms
less fleas, lice and mange

9. Stools  (or Faeces)
regular bowl movements, firm stools
reduced flatulence
Supports anal gland function

10. Growth
supports steady growth a development
reduced chance of disorders like dysplasia



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