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Red Dog Blue Kat - Everyday Raw Variety Pack - Raw Dog Food

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Product Description

Our complete and balanced mixed protein blends combine ethically sourced red meat, poultry and fish. Enriched with whole food supplements and a variety of fresh veggies and blueberries, it creates a nutritious and delicious human-grade raw food meal perfect for dogs who love variety!

Variety bulk box includes 2 x 2 LB Chicken & Beef meals, 2 x 2 LB Beef & Salmon meals, 2 x 2 LB Pork Salmon & Turkey meals.

Available in 12lb Bulk Pack (6 x 2 lb)
2 x Beef & Chicken | 2 x Pork & Fish | 2 x Beef & Salmon

Ingredients, Nutritional Info & Guidelines

The ingredients, nutritional info and guidelines can be found at Red Dog Blue Kat's website.

Product Company Mission

We are here for every pet parent that wants to do better, who question the outdated idea that highly processed food is healthy for our pets, who is searching for answers, who wants to see their pet live their best life and age gracefully.

Like you, we are a group of pet parents that got frustrated at the lack of transparency in the pet industry. We felt that pet food companies focus too much on fancy packaging and marketing and not enough on what was inside the bag. We grew concerned that the Canadian pet industry had no standards or regulations for food safety or quality of pet products.

We can’t promise that we have all the answers, but we can promise that we are making the best quality food based on expertise, knowledge and science we have today. And we are focused on building a community of experts and pet parents that are serious about creating a healthier and more sustainable food system for our pets.


The Family At Red Dog Blue Kat

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