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Open Farm - Dog/Cat Bone Broth Topper

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Product Description

Great way to add excitement and moisture at mealtime! Drizzle over kibble, serve alone or freeze to make a delicious treat!  This nutritious bone broth toppers feature humanely raised turkey, chicken or grass-fed beef bones that are slow-cooked with functional ingredients like non-GMO pumpkin, carrot, and turmeric. 
Open Farm's bone broth topper are designed as a collagen-rich topper for your dog’s normal bowl of food. Broths like Beef Bone Broth have a base made from slow-cooked bones and are rich in lysine, proline, and glycine, which have been shown to support better metabolic functions and improve joint and skin health. Vegetables like carrots and pumpkins are added to the base to give your dog an added boost of vitamins and minerals while adding an extra dose of dietary fiber to support a healthy gastrointestinal tract.
Adding bone broth to your dog’s daily diet can give them a healthy boost, particularly when paired with some of Open Farm’s other wet and dry dog food and treats. Give your dog the best possible diet with ethically sourced dog food from Open Farm, and help them live a long, healthy, active life.  Can be served as a kibble topper or to rehydrate freeze-dried recipes. 

Bone broths are available in the following formats:

  • Homestead Turkey Bone Broth, 12/32 FL OZ
  • Harvest Chicken Bone Broth, 12/32 FL OZ
  • Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth, 12/32 FL OZ

Additional Features


  • We meticulously source & vet every nutrient so you don’t have to. Because we believe better ingredients deliver better nutrition.


  • Every pet is unique, and we think every pet should do a happy dance at mealtime regardless of what their main diet is.


  • We’re obsessed with being as transparent as possible, because when it comes to your pet’s food – there shouldn’t be any doubt in your bag.

Ingredients, Nutritional Info & Guidelines

The ingredients, nutritional info and guidelines can be found at Open Farm's website.

Product Company Mission

Everything in every Open Farm products is carefully sourced from the most humane and ethical farms, fisheries, and producers.

We raise the bar on farming practices by partnering with certification partners who keep us transparent and accountable. Holding ourselves to these standards means you can always trust what’s in your pet’s food, no matter which Open Farm product you’re feeding.

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