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K-9 Choice - Pure Green Tripe (3 lb)

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Product Description

Tripe is the edible lining of ruminant animals first and/or second division of the stomach. The actual color of the tripe can be brown, green or even almost black in color. It should never be white or almost white as the color is where all of the nutrients are.

Tripe is one of the first things that Wolves and other carnivores and omnivores will eat out of their prey in the wild. Just because our family pets are domesticated does not mean that they wouldn't do the same if given the chance.

Additional Features

One of the best constituents of raw green tripe is lactobacillus acidophilus. This is one of the intestinal bacteria that keep unwanted bacteria such as e-coli, salmonella, and listeria from overpopulating and causing health problems.

Another beneficial component of raw green tripe is digestive enzymes. The enzymes that help the ruminant digest its meal will give the pet the same benefit. Dogs do not naturally produce amylase, so the nutrients present in the vegetative matter are not readily available to them. Raw green tripe contains not only digestive enzymes but in most cases, some pre-digested green matter as well. This combination of enzymes and nutrients provide pets with a nutritional powerhouse.

There are a few options available if you’re looking into feeding tripe to your dog. Canned or raw are the most popular and readily available options. Unfortunately with the canned option the nutrients we desire are cooked out during the heating process and most of the time there are unwanted added ingredients and preservatives. With our Pure Green Tripe and Fine Ground Pure Green Tripe, the only ingredient is tripe and the only preservative is your freezer.

Other benefits of feeding K9 Choice Pure Green Tripe:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Assists in building healthy muscle
  • Supports healthy skin and coat
  • Is low allergenic
  • Helps soothe gastrointestinal upsets
  • Maintains and supports healthy digestion

Oh, and we should mention one more thing. I’ve sure you’ve been waiting for me to address the elephant in the room….yes my friends it is true…Green Tripe smells terrible, atrocious, disgusting and very very bad. Lucky for you you’re not the one that has to eat it! Dealing with the smell with help improve the health and extend the life of your best friend, dealing with the smell is honestly the least we could do.

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