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Product Description

The HydroSMART-Pro is the pinnacle of premium hydration accessories with virtually zero environmental impact.  The signature feature is to work with major reusable water bottles on the market (i.e. S'well, CONTIGO, Under Armor, Thermos, HydroFlask and much more)  it allows complete environmental sustainability made from biodegradable materials that can  decompose via composting in approximately 1 year. 

Main Features:
- Compatible with ‘select’ reusable bottles or similar  
(i.e. S’WELL, CONTIGO, Under Armor, Thermos, ThermoFlask, or similiar)
- Back Flow Prevention design allowing share usage between pets and owners
- Made from 100% Bio-degradable/Compostable Wheat Straw Fiber materials*
*Approximately 1-year under ideal compost conditions
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