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Caru - Daily Dish Bone Broth

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Product Description

A tummy-pleasing meal topper that tastes just like homemade.

Daily Dish Broth is a savory liquid treat prepared with only natural, human grade ingredients and is made in the USA. It’s prepared in small batches without added colors or preservatives.

You can use Daily Dish Broth to…

  • Moisten dry food to increase its appetite appeal
  • Enhance the flavor, nutrition and hydration of daily meals including dry kibble, freeze-dried or dehydrated pet food
  • Treat your dog or cat to an incredibly tasty between-meal snack

Plus, thanks to our proprietary cooking and packaging process, Daily Dish Broth looks, smells and tastes just like homemade!

Serve as a delicious treat or use as a topper for dry kibble, freeze-dried or dehydrated pet food. Serve approximately 1/4 cup of broth per meal. Adjust the amount to meet your pet’s individual needs. Always provide access to fresh water. Shake well before using.

Visit Caru website for ingredients.

500grams each

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