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Carnivora - Whole Animal Dinners (with 5% veg & fruit)

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Product Description

NOTE: ongoing Carnivora shortages are due to issues at Carnivora and not due to ordering issues with Doodle Dogs. For 1 year now, each order take 6-9 weeks to arrive to us, leaving us shorted for long periods of time. There appears to be no improvement as time moves along. 

If you need to chat about more consistant brands for your pups needs, please reach out. Every other brand we carry restocks weekly and is rarely to never short any proteins. 

Whole Animal Dinners with 5% Fruits & Veggies

The canine and feline's natural diet is whole prey animals with 5% fruits & veggies (includes finely ground romaine lettuce, bok choy, celery, carrots, apples, pears, blueberries). A whole prey carcass is low in carbohydrate and fat and high in animal protein, bulk, and roughage - not plant fiber, but less digestible parts, such as bone, cartilage, scales, fur, feather, skin, tendon, and teeth.  The dinners with fruits & veggies mix includes beef, chicken, pork and turkey options.

Whole Animal Dinners with 5% Fruits & Veggies are available in 4 lb packages or 25 lb cases.  Patties are 1/2 lb pre-portioned.

Ingredients, Nutritional Info & Guidelines

The ingredients, nutritional info and guidelines can be found at Carnivora's website.

Handling/Care Instructions


  • Keep food frozen and thaw in refrigerator until ready to use.
  • Raw food must be used within 3 days after thawing
  • Return unused food back to the refrigerator after serving.
  • Serve in stainless steel or ceramic dishes.
  • Wash all work surfaces, utensils, serving spoons and hands with hot water & soap after handling raw meat & poultry.
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