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Bluestem - Fresh Breath No Brushing Gel for Dogs & Cats

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Product Description

  • Freshens Breath and Fights Plaque - Place your pet's oral health in good paws with our dog toothpaste gel! Specifically crafted for dogs and cats with the power of coactiv+ technology, it effecticely fights plaque and reduces tartar buildup.
  • No Brushing Needed - Our no brush dog tooth gel makes dental care a breeze. The specially designed nozzle ensures easy application, promoting a plaque-free smile without the hassle of brushing.
  • Long-Lasting Stickiness - Designed to cling to teeth, our brushless dog teeth gel protects your pets with prolonged benefits. Available in 2.4 oz size, it's the go-to solution for effective tartar control.
  • Irresistible Flavors - Our pet oral repair gel for dogs comes in two pet-approved flavors: original and chicken. No artificial flavors, no animal protein – just pure dental delight for your furry friend.
  • Easy Application - Maintaining your pet's oral health becomes easy with bluestem dog teeth cleaning gel. Simply apply 2 drops of gel to the junction of the teeth and gums on both sides. For optimal results, withhold food and water 30 minutes before and after application
Size: 2.4 oz
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