What's all the hype? Why feed raw?

What's all the hype? Why feed raw?

Before the invention of processed kibble, dogs were fed table scraps and whatever was available.  At that time a dog's life expectancy was much higher than it is today.  The correlation between fresh food and healthier long-lasting dogs is undeniable.  

Fast forward to 2020 and Bonnie in accounting loves her raw food. Joan the neighbour helped her dog's allergy symptoms with raw kangaroo. Your brother John helped his dog lose 10 pounds on a raw fed diet.  The hype is real - and better yet, the results are REAL!

In the last six months, the Doodle Dogs stores have seen a 134% increase in raw sales year over year.



 What are the actual benefits of moving to a fresh,   wholesome diet for your fur kids?





Eating a fresh, moisture-rich diet of meat, organs, bones, fruits and veggies digests quickly and efficiently - thereby allowing the dog to have higher energy levels and to be less lethargic during digestion!

This was the #1 thing we noticed about Maggie the Doodle Dogs mascot. Even though she was getting older, we saw a crazy increase in her energy and time awake during the day.


Always notable, is the coat - even after 1-2 weeks this change can be seen. The fur almost immediately gets softer and shinier (even better when you add omega oils or coconut oil). Amount of shedding is reduced and the skin will tend to be less dry and itchy due to wholesome food that provides less processed nutrients and fresher fats.

Up to 40% of the protein a dog eats goes into their fur and skin!


Raw foods contain naturally-occurring enzymes (good bacteria!) that help protect the teeth and gums. They don’t contain unnatural and damaging starches and sugars that promote unhealthy bacterial growth in the mouth. Added to this diet to further ensure clean teeth, would be the inclusion of abrasive items such as chicken feet, or turkey necks or sardines to help clean the teeth while eating.

Ask us for a wide variety of options to help with dental work and teeth cleaning while being fed raw.


We're going to merge these two. Unlike dry food, the raw diet is composed of 100% easily digestible and necessary building blocks for the body (combined with the moisture in the meals). Once this is digested entirely, there is very little left.. to come ... out! Thats right. Raw-fed dog poop is TINY!! (This should be the #1 benefit). On the same topic, when a low carb / low glycemic (or carb free) diet is accepted - the dog quickly leans out to the ideal body shape and maintains a really healthy, lean stature.  You'll start to notice your dog form hips and a waist!


Consider it the equivalent of us eating chicken breast and broccoli versus eating processed foods.



This is something we see our clients struggle with every day. Sometimes it can be so challenging to remove the allergy-causing sensitivities from dry food as it contains so many ingredients. The easiest way to ensure a healthy gut and to eliminate processed ingredients and known (or unknown allergens) is to provide a fresh, one protein (even one ingredient) diet. This is something unobtainable in the dry food world as no kibble comes with "just meat" or just "one ingredient". We have clients who have had incredible success by switching to not only a raw food diet, but a diet that consists of solely exotic meats!

This is something unobtainable in the dry food world as no kibble comes with "just meat" or just "one ingredient".

We could continue and talk about digestion improvements, gut health and the gut flora changes, inflammation improvements, etc and more.. but we feel that moving to a fresh diet for your pet is an amazing choice, and one that each parent should make on their own. We are here to guide and educate and assist - when you are ready!

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