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  • Vendor: Doodle Dogs

Doodle Dogs - Carrot Mania Snuffle Toy - Level 2

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Product Description

  • Size : Length - 11.4 in, Width - 8.5 in , Height, 5 in
  • Material : Fleece, Felt
  • Features :
    • Soft fleece upper
    • Squeakers inside each carrot increases fun quotient
    • 6 pockets for hiding treats
    • Pockets in carrots enable hiding treats there to enhance difficulty of the game
    • 10 min of snuffle mat activity is equivalent to 1 hour of running, tires your pet
    • Acts as a slow feeder too
  • NOTE : These snuffle mats, though sturdy and durable are not indesctructible and not recommended for chewers.
  • Suitability :  Puppies, Toy Breed Dogs, Small Breed dogs, Inactive dogs, Old Dogs
  • Care Instructions : Machine washable / hand washable at 30 degree with mild detergent

Looking for something to tire your energetic pup / dog?
Is your pup / dog not getting enough exercise on very hot, rainy and snowy days?

Is your pup / dog still not tired after his walk?

Do you wish to slow down the pace of eating? 


Eating and treating has never been more fun !

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