Doodle Dogs Loyalty Program & Platinum Club

The Doodle Dogs Loyalty Membership

We love to give back to our supporters.. soooo, with that in mind - if you sign up for an account at our store (just name and email), you will automatically start to receive a percentage of all your purchases back in loyalty money on your account.

This amazing loyalty money never expires so save it up for an amazing new collar, save it for a shopping spree - or, if you choose, use it every visit to reduce down that days total sale! Its all yours to use !

Applies to everything purchased IN STORE (but does NOT accumulate when shopping online (sorry, different systems).

Welcome to the Doodle Dogs Platinum Club

Here at Doodle Dogs we wanted to find a way to provide an extra Thank You to those amazing, loyal supporters that we see week after week. As a result, we have created the Doodle Dogs Platinum Club.

What does this mean?

To qualify, you must spend $1200 in one calendar year with a minimum of 12 visits to our shop (or online).

What do you get for this amazing feat of dog love?

Platinum Benefits: 

  • 10% off our entire store (includes online shopping with a code), including food purchases*

  • Birthday gift per dog in family – must be redeemed within a week of the birthday

  • First chance to sign up for events (so you get to pick the prime spots before the public)

  • Christmas present for the fam

  • Private Christmas Shopping Event (the store all to yourselves before the public event) * 2020 to be determined due to COVID

  • Four day holds instead of 24 hours!

*minimal exceptions apply

Have you made the list? Online purchases DO COUNT (so there's no excuse).

Members are evaluated once a year on September 1.

*Existing loyalty will be hidden, saved and turned off until a future disqualified year, when it will be turned back on and active again with the previously earned amount to use.